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Marketing & Business Strategy for the Arts

Brand + Arts & Culture Collaborations | Technology & Experience Design

Having great Art is not Enough


Nothing is worse than having a stellar program, performance or artwork, but no one shows up. You need to get visitors through the door.

I help arts organizations craft creative audience building strategies, engage new visitors, and design experiences with immersive technology. I also help bring the arts to commercial spaces and facilitate Brand + Arts collaborations in product launches, customer events & philanthropic programs.


A blend of artistic values & business practicality

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I have built my career developing creative marketing strategies for organizations across Asia, U.S. and Canada, spanning from commercial brands like Audi and Adobe to cultural non-profits and technology start-ups. I am a Harvard M.B.A., a founding member of a Top 10 global ad agency’s Taiwanese branch, a tech product marketer in Silicon Valley and a marketing & business strategist for the Arts with an expertise in traditional media, digital media, event management & experiential activations.

I love the Arts, which is why I feel the pain when the average artistic experience is being hugely undervalued. People don’t patron the arts not because they can’t afford it, but because they can’t see it as worth their time or money. Effective marketing communicates true value that compels visitors to come. I help the Arts thrive through creative marketing paired with a unique blend of ARTISTIC, BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGICAL expertise.




I specialize in end-to-end marketing strategies that help arts organizations grow audiences with technology & cross-sector collaborations. Here are some examples of the pain points I help to solve.


Arts & cultural organizations

Museums, theatre performance groups, galleries, festivals, heritage sites and other visitor based institutions:

  • Dealing with stagnant audience growth, an aging audience base and looking to attract new audiences

  • Struggling to build awareness for the organization & its amazing work

  • Looking for new ideas to engage visitors in innovative ways

  • Needing guidance on how to apply immersive technology such as Augmented & Virtual Reality in the programming and visitor experience

  • Limited team & resources, dealing with burnout, and looking to build an executable marketing plan that doesn’t require hiring expensive agencies

  • Striving to generate more revenue and decrease reliance on government funding & donations

Brands & Technologists

  • Looking for new ideas and innovative ways to engage customers & build brand awareness

  • Lacking expertise or access to build authentic arts & cultural integrations into their marketing events

  • Looking for more effective ways to do Corporate Philanthropy beyond donations & sponsoring events that demonstrates true impact

  • Developers & Brands looking for ways to bring arts & culture to commercial spaces

  • Technology providers looking for support in helping arts & cultural clients plan the rollout or launch of the technology into the broader marketing strategy




Marketing & Business Strategy

I work with arts organizations or technologists implementing cultural projects to develop complete end-to-end marketing & business strategies so your launch wouldn’t fail in the last mile.


experience design

We are officially in the Experience Era. It is no longer purely about what we exhibit, our programs & products or even the craftsmanship of the art, it is about the experiences we provide. I help museums, arts events, commercial product launches, and customer activation events design interactive visitor experiences that creates meaningful interactions across all visitor facing touch points. This no only includes the exhibition or event itself, but also taking into consideration all the touch points from Awareness to Consideration to Attendance and Repeat Purchase.


Audience Attraction

Getting people through the door is important. I help craft audience building strategies that not only builds sustainable visitor growth, nurture repeating visitors, brings in revenue, but also cultivates meaningful engagement between ideal audiences and your mission.


Arts + Brand Collaborations

I help facilitate collaborations between the arts, private brands and other commercial entities. I design collaborations & activation events that allows for art-inspired content to be integrated into product launches authentically, while supporting emerging arts orgs &artists that are easy to work with. The result: a cost effective solution that elevates awareness, delights visitors and earns excellent media coverage for both the Brands and the Arts. A win-win for all.


Digital Applications

Integrating technology to arts experiences is key to staying relevant and attracting younger audiences. I advise on effective digital applications for cultural content, from mobile applications, digital archives, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, to in-gallery interactive digital installations and more. From selecting the right tech, vetting vendors to integrating the roll-out in the broader program experience & marketing strategy, you are covered from end to end.


capacity building

My goal is to empower arts orgs to be self-sustaining and operate with efficiency & elegance towards serving their mission. I provide frameworks and methodologies rooted in entrepreneurial practices combined with Harvard Business School learnings that can be practiced, measured and re-created, building solid foundations that well-positions your organization to scale. I worked with Arts BC on the DigistARTS program in assessing the digital literacy levels and learning needs among BC arts and culture workers. See recent survey findings from the project HERE.

The Process



Starting with understanding your challenges and goals, I help you construct the strategy and master plan. This includes diagnosing and reviewing content you already have, optimizing it and filling in any gaps.


After the plan is set, we build the foundations to a successful launch. This includes finding the right people (internal or external), resources and creating any content or workflows that needs to be in place for the launch.


With solid foundations, the plan is set in motion. The last thing you want is a consultant that leaves you with a plan and no executional support. I help ensure everything is delivered on point, tracked and measured for success. .

How it works

No budget? Don’t let that stop you from getting help. I offer 3 levels of support:


1 to 3 hour Workshops by request on challenges that matters the most to your organization. Work through evaluations and frameworks that are actionable to drive change from just a couple of hours of learning (1st hour free)

Common workshop topics:

  • Common audience building mistakes arts orgs are making today

  • Combat stagnant audience growth, an aging audience base and attract new audiences

  • Innovation workshop for creative visitor engagement 

  • Digital transformation - how to apply technology in marketing and on-site experience (from CRM to Augmented & Virtual Reality)

  • Dealing with burnout and lack of resources, building repeatable and scalable processes to do more with less 

  • Generating sustainable revenue and decreasing reliance on government funding & donations 


Tailored projects that employs the 3 step process above, set at project or retainer rates

Hourly Consultations:

Get advice on what you struggle with the most. Like legal advice, strategy health needs frequent check-ups, bring in a new perspective and get prescriptive advice on your most pressing issues.


Why work with me?

Holistic Expertise


    My past work spans from the upstream Product Marketing, Brand positioning, Persona & Competitor Analysis to the downstream Marketing Communications including Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Print Ads, OOH, POSM), Digital Marketing (digital ads, website, SEO, social, content marketing) & Event Management. I am also well versed in marketing, advertising & immersive technologies.


    I trained in general business management because I realized Marketing cannot work in a silo, I understand the nuances of business reality and that it takes a whole organization to deliver what Marketing promises to our customers. Artistic vision should take into consideration business reality. I can help you make the case to key stakeholders that enables real impact to happen.


    I have deep roots in learning from how great private companies excel and I believe it is time that Arts & Cultural organizations switch their thinking to be more profit-driven, not for the sake of profit, but for the creative economy that we work so hard to build & maintain. Building sustainable revenue streams funds more creativity and access to the arts, and I believe applying cross sector knowledge and technology can help us get there.

Entrepreneurial methodologies

I employ entrepreneurial methodologies that is rooted in the Test & Learn approach. It is designed to find the best use for limited budget and resources in places that can yield the most result. Performance does not come overnight, it is built on deliberate tests and constant improvement. The secret is: there’s no perfect formula, only what works for your specific organization. And we don’t hit jackpot by just doing what everyone else is doing.


I believe in helping arts organizations be more self-sustainable through finding new revenue streams, new audiences and constantly innovating. I understand that lots of arts orgs are constantly battling lack of resources. My job is to enable your team to do more with less and have a repeatable model they can use to iterate and improve. The last thing you want is get a consultant that leaves you an un-executable plan or an agency that charges unaffordable prices to do it for you forever.

I work to empower your team from strategy to execution, and as a result you get to save on costs. But if needed, I have the resources to pull in the right partners or help you hire the right person.

proven results

I have demonstrated success in building effective marketing strategies for organizations large & small that drove sustainable growth to their customer base, from integrated marketing strategies to managing press conferences, exhibitions & events with more than 12,000+ attendees, my clients have seen success in:

  • Attracting the right audience and building awareness for their shows & products

  • Concrete data showing growth in attendance and repeating customer-base

  • Satisfied customers & visitors generating good Word of Mouth

  • Increase in revenue and ROI in marketing investments

  • Teams feeling transformed working towards a clear goal rather than suffering from burnout


collaborations & Network

I bring a flexible combination of expertise, when needed, I can pull in a resourceful team from technology vendors, design and execution experts, to cultural & communications allies.

Trusted event management partner with 2 decades of experience using state-of-the-art technology and bold originality in designing events in luxury, lifestyle, automotive brands and products.

Hfour is an experiential studio that works with brands, agencies, and event producers to conceive and create artworks and immersive environments.

As an active member of the VR/ AR Association, I have built a network of innovators & technology providers that are the pioneers of immersive tech solutions used in arts & cultural projects.

Current and Past Work

“There was a lot of added value working with Sandy, that’s what I really loved. Based on the launch strategy she created, it was really easy to generate the right content for our website, social media, terminologies, building brand awareness, and being able to tell a story across the board that aligns with our mission.

It was an extremely useful process to go through, helped us internally to conceptualize what we were doing so we can communicate effectively to the right audience. I was ready to give her an offer to join our team, because this is the exact type of person we want driving our marketing vision.“

— Cody Redmond, VP, Scenarion

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